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MIDN Marissa Reynolds:  Katherine Hinson’s granddaughter


July 12:  Mary Bruce Austin: Spinal stenosis-Health issues

Phillip Denton

Susan George:  Fractured bone in foot

Betty Goodson:  Sjogren’s Disease

Sherrill Johnson:  Health issues

July 26:  Sonny & Sandy Edwards: Health issues

Marilyn Faulk:  Continued healing of fractured bone in right foot

Karla Meekins:  Multiple Sclerosis-Taking iron infusions/B12


August 2:  Roger Baker:  Health issues

Update:  Blisters on legs-Appointment at wound center in

  Salisbury to wrap his legs

Bob & Cladis Myers:  Bob’s cancer treatment

Update:  Lung biopsy Thursday 8/3 at 2 pm

Phyllis Shepherd: Health issues with immune system/back pain

Jean Terry:  Two broken bones in foot

Dot Wood:  Health Issues


July 12:  Terri Barber:  Sherrill Johnson’s daughter-Healing

  from gall bladder surgery

Evelyn Biggers:  Donna Furr’s aunt-Breathing & health issues

Tim & Tammy Billings:  Donna Furr’s cousin-Tim adjusting to

  living with heart pump-Tammy as caregiver

Alicia Caldwell:  Jody Beaver’s friend-Extended grief for son-

  Severe depression

Roy Currie-Melba’s son:  Serious health issues

Dan & Sharon Douglass:  Ruth Whynot’s brother & sister-in-

  law- Dan is blind & has upcoming eye surgery-Sharon-2 heart

  attacks-pneumonia- congested heart failure-home from hospital

  with 24 hr. nursing

Alma Ellis:  Carey’s sister-Dementia

Rev. Alan Elmore:  Marilyn’s relative-In nursing home-Rehab

Bobby & Bertha Elston: Bertha-Lois B’s sister-Health Issues-

  Bertha on dialysis-Bobby as caregiver

Dennis & Minka Fanshaw: Jody’s son & daughter-in-law-


Bill Ferry:  Susie Dooley’s brother-Hospice Care

Rev. Ray Fox:  Larry’s mountain pastor-Health issues

Kimbly Huffstetler:  Betty Huffstetler’s daughter-in-law-Had

  part of colon removed a few years ago due to cancer-It has returned-Pray for treatment she can tolerate

Mageline James:  Lois B’s sister-Alzheimer’s-Caregivers

Betty Overby: Carey’s sister-Dementia

Margie Smith: Shirley Lambert’s sister- Miracle to regain sight

Rita Sparks: Lois B’s niece-Health issues-Parents as caregivers

Michael Stancil:  Lois B’s relative-Throat cancer

Tammy Thomas:  Multiple Sclerosis

Tammy Thomas’ friend:  Dad’s death & caring for Mom

Beverly Wesley:  Jody Beaver’s friend-Alzheimer’s & cancer

Jeff & Jane Williams:  Donna Furr’s brother & sister-in-law:

  Jeff; Progress slow from strokes during back surgery

  Jane: Health issues-Pray for wife & daughters as caregivers

July 19:  Dan Dooley:  Frank’s brother-Heart surgery to kill a

  muscle to help get it back in rhythm-Health declining

Susie Seman: Vickie’s cousin-Healing from breast cancer surgery

Lynn Sniffen:  Carey’s relative-Breast cancer/Husband passed


July 26:  Ruth Bame:  Phyllis Shepherd’s aunt-Nursing home-

  daughter, Sharon as caregiver

Marian Blue:  Lynn Thorton’s friend-Cancer Treatment

Jack Bostian:  Joan Adams’ brother-in-law-Cancer

Dave & Jean Douglass:  Ruth Whynot’s brother & sister-in-law

  Dave:  Blood not flowing properly following 2 heart surgeries

   unable to do anything-Jean as caregiver

Mary Jordan:  Betty Goodson’s friend-Cancer treatment

Lila:  Phyllis Shepherd’s sister-in-law-Nursing home-Serious

Michelle:  Kendra Shepherd Meacham’s friend:  46 year old-

  Stage 4 lung cancer-Optimistic about treatments & condition

Danielle Rogers: Healing & good results of pain management

Donna Seaford:  Mary Bruce’s daughter-Sjorean’s-Fibromyalgia

  Healing from 2 stints placed will be slow recovery

Spencer Traynham:  Carey’s nephew-Mission trip to Taiwan

Tom Weiser:  Mary Martyna’s brother-Multiple Myeloma

  growing again after 5 years-Not receiving aggressive chemo

 Candice Tueber:  Phyllis Shepherd’s daughter-Lyme’s disease

  Seeing immunologist for work-up-Possibly a genetic immune

  system issue

August 2:  Roosevelt Davis:  Mary Martyna’s friend-Recovering

  From reaction to meds attacking organs-Out of coma-Improved

  Still not well-In & out of hospital

Charles & Frances Dooley:  Frank’s Uncle & Aunt-Health


Don & Mabel Foust:  Mary Martyna’s friends-Don: Brain

  tumors-Blinded in 1 eye-Receiving chemo-Salvation-Mabel as


Wendy Freeze:  Mary Martyna’s neighbor-Physical &

  spiritual needs

Dennis Greene:  Katherine’s brother-Heart problems

Steve Kinard:  Amputation of leg up to knee-Terrible pain

Please pray for Homebound/Caregivers listed on back

Tara Hartsell:  Lynn Thornton’s granddaughter-Home on bed

  rest prevent early delivery of baby

Ted & Gail Hinson:  Katherine’s brother & sister-in-law: 

  Health issues

Katrina McCord-Jeannean’s friend-Brain cancer-Home 

  responding to therapy-still deciding best treatment

Terry Shoulder:  Lois Benton’s nephew-Healing from back


Don & Marguerite Treadaway:  Lois Thomas’ brother &

  sister-in-law-In rehab following both falling

Update:  Don had breathing problems but now more stable-

  Will probably continue to reside in nursing home for safety


CMC Main

May 17:  Scott Allison:  Ruth Whynot’s ex-son-in-law-Open

  heart surgery-Much infection/damage-Fluid in lungs-fever-

  Possible pacemaker

Myrtle Beach

July 26:  Chay Meekins:  Karla’s son-Health issues-Bloodwork

  some improved but not close to normal


May 17:  Bobby Johns: Jeannean’s friend’s baby-Born at 31

  weeks-Weighing 2 lbs. 3 oz. Had complications-Moved back to

  NICU-Up to 6 lbs. 13 oz.  Glucose needs to level to go home


July 19:  Family & Friends of Billy Edwards-Sonny’s Father

Family & Friends of Willis Partee

July 26:  Family & Friends of Anne Graham:  Phyllis

  Shepherd’s cousin’s wife


Jo Baker:  Cellulitis in leg responding to antibiotics

Praise!  Legs are improving!

Gerald & Jewell Broadway:  Phyllis Shepherd’s sister & brother-

  in-law: Gerald-Parkinson’s/Dementia escalating-To see  

  new neurologist-Salvation-Jewell as caregiver, running

  business & rearing grandson-large cervical fibroid-Testing for

  possibly more fibroids that are not visible-Treatment decisions

Praise! Fibroid is benign! Has another small one-Will watch

Martha Carpenter: High blood pressure & health issues

Praise!  Attended church last Sunday!

Jerry Eagle:  Cancer of the bladder-Chemo-Blood issues

Praise!  Finished chemo!  Began radiation & improving!

Tim Layton: Frank’s friend-Dialysis only 20% heart function

Praise!  Improved!  But will be on dialysis for life

Mr. Medlock:  Pastor Anthony’s Dad-Cancer-Chemo treatments

Praise!  Finished chemo! In recovery mode!

Roxie Terry:  Susie Dooley’s sister-Health issues

Praise!  Much improved!